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Basic Locks Are Easy to Bypass

The minimum standard EU locks purchased from your local shop or retail store is easy to pick and brake. Most modern-day criminals have an tools that easily allow them to bypass normal locks. dont risk, If you really want additional protection against a home invasion, then it is best to upgrade your locks to high security models. You may want to take additional precautions as well, by installing smart doorbells or outdoor security cameras to deter criminals and identify individuals who attempt to break into your property.

The Quality of Your Door Lock Matters

If your door is made from cheap materials, then a determined burglar can probably bypass high security locks with brute force. Consider a security door made with steel, iron bars or heavy-duty wood.

Did you recently purchase a previously owned home? Then it is a good idea to rekey or replace the existing locks. There is no way to know how many people were given a key to the property, so it is best to start fresh.

Never Hide a Spare Key outside.

It may seem like a good idea to hide a spare key anywhere in back garden, beneath the welcome mat or nearby flower stove. However, every criminal in the world is aware of these obvious hiding spots. Having a few spare keys on hand is a good idea, but give them to a trusted person like friend or family member that you can rely on in an emergency.

Do You Need Help with Your Locks? Call Mourne Locksmith Today

Have you decided that it is time to invest in professional locksmith services? Whether you need an upgraded High security locks or deadbolt, install a high-tech access control system for your office building, or are in the middle of an urgent car lockout situation, our experienced mobile locksmiths are always ready to help. Contact Mourne Locksmith for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with a qualified professional locksmith

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